For all the people who want to make it huge in life, I personally admire you and respect your decisions. Setting goals I hard but following and achieving it is something only some people can do. I admire your life decision. Saying that I think there’s nothing wrong in being ordinary. Sometimes the road not taken isn’t the safest route. You never know where it can take you or if it’ll be safe. What if you put all your money in one poker game, lose and get no chance of redemption. All I’m saying is sometimes, just sometimes you should play your cards safe. What if the happiest life is the one where people you don’t care about don’t know you. People don’t consider you their role models. There’s no pressure, no expectations to live upto. Maybe the happiest person not Bill Gates, maybe it’s someone in the middle of the town, doing a basic job which he is happy about. Someone who gets enough family time and enough time time to do what he loves. 

Beauty lies in simplicity and being ordinary 



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