For all the people who want to make it huge in life, I personally admire you and respect your decisions. Setting goals I hard but following and achieving it is something only some people can do. I admire your life decision. Saying that I think there’s nothing wrong in being ordinary. Sometimes the road not taken isn’t the safest route. You never know where it can take you or if it’ll be safe. What if you put all your money in one poker game, lose and get no chance of redemption. All I’m saying is sometimes, just sometimes you should play your cards safe. What if the happiest life is the one where people you don’t care about don’t know you. People don’t consider you their role models. There’s no pressure, no expectations to live upto. Maybe the happiest person not Bill Gates, maybe it’s someone in the middle of the town, doing a basic job which he is happy about. Someone who gets enough family time and enough time time to do what he loves. 

Beauty lies in simplicity and being ordinary 



Not just a journey 

I was coming home from college during my holi break. Our little ritual would be getting a little drunk during our bus journey to make it interesting. So we got Vodkas, Beers and Whiskeys. Maybe a “little drunk” part wasn’t exactly right. So I don’t really remember what happened then. But some of the things I remember was listening to songs. I remember hearing Beatles and also a little Eminem. My friends were crushing to make joints to smoke during the pit stops. They were already a little high. They asked me to hold the torch so that they could remove the seeds. I saw the dedication in these people’s eyes. They explained how seeds caused impotency and how they are not keen to not give birth to more stupid DNAs.So me being the most “sober” one there decided to help them out. To be honest, it’s not the hardest thing to do. They appreciated me so much for the help at the same time scolding me for dropping so much of the real stuff on the seat. Fast forward to the next part I remember. I got up. The time was 3:15. I looked up from my window. Not the best view ever but it got me thinking. How the best way to learn life is not from books. It’s not from experienced people. It’s your experiences when you travel. Every part of travelling to a new or old destination reflects life. Every turn is a new day, every crossing is a decision you have to make. Think about it. When you stop to ask directions from someone and trusting what they said is exactly like the time you made a new friend and gave your trust to them. How that’s not always the best decision ever. I learned how to crush equivalent to how you learn something new everyday which if not done with concentration can effect someone in a huge way. How some phase of your life is a slow song when you’re having a heart break or how it’s Rap God when you’re having the best time of your life. Like every mountain road, life also has its own highs and lows. You don’t give up before arriving at your destination, so why give up on Life? 

Old Mistakes

Sometimes no matter how much you try to move on, your past will catch up to you. It’ll hurt like a ittle bitch. It’ll reopen old wounds. But no matter how bad it is, you’ll have to embrace the fact that you’re a better and improved person than who you were. There’s a reason it’s in your past. Achieve something so grand that you can still look back down the memory lane and smirk at it. BE BETTER THAN WHAT YOU WERE. 

Your past can’t hurt you if you are passionate about your future.