Moving Into College


What hopes I am taking with me when I am stepping inside my junior college for the first time…  –

1. In high school, you do homework. In junior college, you study.                                                                   Image

2.Our backpacks will be lighter in college compared to school. That means we can wear our backpacks on one shoulder..So cool 




3.In college understanding topics will make you pass in a test unlike school where you have to learn the topics exactly as given in the book

The Understanding part is hard .Image

4. No free periods

The saddest part about colleges ,schedules are made such that it is almost impossible for the teachers to miss it.

SO no time pass during the whole time. 😦



5. Real Science practicals

Not the useless practicals that we performed in high school,I hope we get to work with dangerous chemicals and get to mix them.





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